Artist Jasper Wong AMA Recap

Artwork by Marc Scheff


Marc Scheff: I’m a huge fan of the project. Like Lara, I made sure to scope out as many as I could when I was in Hawaii, at the time Tara McPherson was putting hers up. Also like Lara, I’d love to know about how the project is funded. Assuming there are grants or public funds, what is involved? Who does that planning/fundraising?

Jasper Wong: We tackle every avenue possible for funding, this includes grants, private and corporate sponsorships, crowd funding, etc. The important aspect to keep in mind is to adjust your proposals to who you’re seeking funds from. For example, brands will want marketing, while a grand will need ways to improve tourism or promote culture. Spend the time to learn about them and adjust your pitch accordingly.

Marc Scheff: I’m fortunate to know a few Pow! Wow! artists, and I am pretty sure that at least a few of them have never done murals before. Is that true, have you worked with artists who have never done a mural? How do you support that artist in creating a great one?

Jasper Wong: Yes! A lot artists do their first murals through us. We love being the catalyst of making this happen. We teach them and offer them techniques on how to handle a large scale mural. We are with them every step of the way.

Annette Womack: I’m curious as to your method for scoping out people and locations. Any tips for finding people that are receptive to your mural projects?

Jasper Wong: It’s really about finding passionate and like-minded individuals in those cities. I don’t have the means to do a lot of the work, because I reside in Hawaii. I also have 2 little girls, so I try not to travel too much. The most important part of our global projects is the people that push to make it happen in their hometowns. They are the heart and soul of it.
The best tip to finding people is to do it on your end first. Be the spark and people will see your light and be lights in their own community.

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