BBC – Culture – Witnessing the fall of the Berlin Wall – by mistake

“Photographs are so powerful that they become the memories in themselves, so my memory of Berlin that night is these black-and-white pictures,” Mark Power says in this video.

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Power happened to be in the German city on the night of 9 November, 1989, and went on to witness the momentous days that followed: capturing in photos the joy – and confusion – of East and West Berliners alike.

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“When you are jettisoned into a major news event like that, it’s hard to know how to react… I carried on photographing all this with a strange feeling that I’d gate-crashed a party I wasn’t invited to,” he says. In the video, Power talks about what it was like to see people dancing on top of the Wall – and why he chose to go into East Berlin rather than staying with the rest of the press pack.

This story originally ran in 2017.

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