Stephen Colbert: ‘Is there any kind of war Trump isn’t about to start?’ | Culture

Late-night hosts discussed the dangers Americans might face as a result of Donald Trump’s attempts to start a trade war with China.

Stephen Colbert

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert spoke about the president’s visit to Louisiana, terming it “the big sleazy in the Big Easy” before moving on to his tweets about the Chinese president, Xi Jinping.

Trump tweeted that his respect for him is unlimited, despite the brewing trade war he has started. “He won’t even say that about his wives,” Colbert joked.

Trump claimed that the trade war will result in a better future for America although Colbert joked that it might prove troublesome for the president himself. “To stop paying tariffs, all you have to do is stop using products made in China,” he said. “That’s going to be awkward for Trump. He’s gonna have to stop using his own ties … and his hair, I’m guessing.”

Trump also tweeted that this will all be beneficial for farmers and their “farm product”, which led Colbert to say: “I’m not sure he knows what grows on farms.”

Colbert came up with some ideas of how Trump might define a farm product, including “non-carbonated white cow cola”.

This week has also brought a report that Trump is considering sending 120,000 soldiers overseas to the Middle East. “Trade war, war war, is there any kind of war Trump isn’t about to start?” Colbert asked. “Flame war? Cupcake war?”

Seth Meyers

On Late Night, Seth Meyers also spoke about the brewing trade war and how it might affect major retailers, including Target. “Now will white women turn against him?” he asked.

Trump tweeted that the US is in a fantastic position in its trade war with China. “‘There’s more than one position?’ said Mike Pence,” Meyers joked.

Trump was also under fire for complimenting the authoritarian Hungarian prime minster, Viktor Orbán, saying he’s a bit controversial. “The guy’s a dictator and you’re talking about him like he’s cilantro,” he said.

Meyers also noted that after last week’s fiery episode of Game of Thrones, parents have been been regretting their decision to name their children after the dragon queen. “If you named your kid Daenerys, this probably isn’t your first regret,” Meyers said.

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